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C IS ... Girl. 30's. Irish. Long black hair. Green eyes. "Snow White" coloring. Not as tall as she'd like to be.
C DOES ... Channels alt realities. Creates artistry. Writes. Dreams. Roleplays. NOT personify her "given" name.
C HAS ... over 10 standing ovations. Acted on regional television. Been asked to model for Mary Kay cosmetics. Written fic for 15 years. Had over 5 avatars and 15 coined nicknames.
PERSONALITY ... (Queen) EMO. Dreamer. Bright. Charming. Effervescent. Idealistic. Creative. Imaginative & Innovative. Spontaneous. Obsessive. Strong-minded. Stubborn. Willful. Cynical. Perfectionist. Opinionated.
HEARTS! ... Logan Cale! Smart, handsome nerds (nerds, in gen). Artistry. Intelligence. Innovators, Inventors & Creators. Brilliance. Well-written, clever books/fic/stories that surprise, delight & captivate C (same goes for fandoms). Quick wit. Family & friends who enjoy the same pursuits.
HELL NOES! ... Boredom. Day jobs. Rude, mean, ignorant or annoying people or bitches. Bitchery (in gen). RL crap. Bad days (hair, PMS, bitchery for no good reason). Bad/lazy-ass writing. People with no imagination whatsoever. Any mix of the above.
FRIENDS ... to be "friended", visit the !sticky post.

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quoting Logan: "my girl is
forever a work-in-progress."

Moved to a new state.
Lost significant other.
Resumed work on Halflight.
Renovated WG.com
Launched Artist's Corner.

Completed Halflight.
Completed 1st manuscript: Crackle.
Renovation of WG Designs.
Launched JC Books.

New Job @ St. Tom.
Began Immortal Game.
Self-publishing education
begun for Crackle.
Began apt renovation.
Formed stronger bonds with family.
Finish apt renovation.
More fellowship @ St Tom
Swim Mon/Wed/Fri
over summer months.
Publish Crackle by Sept;
HL by December

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